There are so many factors and attributes that determine what makes and doesn't make a great pornstar but here is my list of must do's that seperate the best from the rest.

1. Killer Body. This is a must have 95% of the time. Unless your face is absolutely smoking hot then you better have something else to fall back on i.e. great ass, perfect tits, something.

2. Bedroom Eyes. You have eyes for a reason use them. Good eye can go along way. Who needs POV if you got a model that knows how to work the camera with her eyes. This includes focused intense eye contact with the model your currently working with.

3. Dick Sucking. This can not only get the scene off on the right foot but also be used to close the deal as well. If done right to close the scene this will eliminate the need to watch some dude wack off for 2 minutes.

4. Dirty Talk. You love it and we love it too. I don't care if your aggressive with it or whiny like you just can't take it anymore say something other than uh, uh, and switch it up. I like oh gods too but after about the 10 one you start sounding like a pull sting doll.

5. Work that Thang. You may not have all of the above attributes but when you get your shot at the big time WORK THAT THANG. You can work it fast or nice and slow but work it, work it, work it!!! If you have any confusions about what this may mean immediatly tune to any Rachel Starr scene for actual in scene tutorial.

Additional skills
Squirting, Flexible, Phatt Ass, Big Titties, changing hair color....holla