Have Kacey and Keiran walk in through the front door and head to the couch and sit down on the couch and flip on the tv and start a movie. It jumps forward and the movie is over and they have some small talk about the movie.
Then after a few seconds Keiran begins to make his move.
He starts to give her a massage and then starts to play with her tits.
Kacey: No I don't want to do this tonight. I don't feel like it.
Keiran: Come on, You do this to me every time. When are we gonna finally gonna let me fuck you.
Kacey: I don't know whenever I feel like it I guess.
Keiran: Come on can you at least suck my dick I am ready to go.
Kacey: Alright.
She pulls out his cock and is astonished at how big it is.
Kacey: I have never seen a dick like this. This is amazing.
She then starts to suck his dick.

Meanwhile Diamond, Kacey's mom, and Kristal, Diamond's friend, walk into the house from a night out and walk into the room next to Kacey and Keiran.
Diamond: There were no decent dicks at that club.
Krystal: I know I can't believe that. Look at us how could we not get what we need.
Diamond: Exactly, its been so long since my husband has given me what I need.
After she speaks they hear Keiran's voice and become curious and they follow the sound to the next room and find Kacey sucking Keiran's dick and immediatly know what they are going to do.
As they watch Kacey tries to deepthroat it and can't.
Diamond: Kacey what are you doing?
Kacey spits out his dick and screams "Mom what are you doing?"
Diamond:Well we couldn't find a dick at the club but it looks like we found one hear and we aren't gonna let you hog it.
Kristal: We'll teach you how to handle that.
Diamond and Krystal then each take turns teach Kacey how to give a blowjob and each one deepthroats it.

At some point during the action Kristal gets Kacey to squirt all over her.

At the end Keiran cums on Diamond and Kristal's tits and Kacey licks it all up.

Kacey: "Mom I always thought you were a slut and never wanted to be like you." She takes a break from speaking and licks Keiran's dick and then continues, "But now I know why you do it and I am sorry I doubted you"
Keiran: I told you that you were missing out. How about my apology.
Kacey: I am sorry for not fucking you. As long as you keep doing it like that I will fuck you anytime.