I think Brazzers should partner with Hustler or some Korean animation company (they're the cheapest) to create a game where you can design your own girl (body parts, skin tone, height, hair, etc.) and then get a menu of positions similar to the “jump to” feature, only with every possibility, that they can pick from to design their perfect sex scene. Maybe have locales and everything too. Or they could choose from existing Brazzers girls too and then run it. They could also control the camera angles and everything. I think that would be cool.

In the meantime, they could easily do a sex scene on this site like this. Just make it fake – guy in the future, played by some Brazzers guy, goes into a booth, where he picks an existing Brazzers girl and all his favorite positions, and then they have sex. As long as they picked a big boobie girl, I'd dig that while I'm waiting...

These Are The Kinds of Ideas Brazzers Would Have Gotten From Me If I'd Won The Producers Contest. Oh Well. Wish They Had a Writers' Contest. I'd Love To Write For Them