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    Default Madison Ivy and Dylan Riley 1st anal together

    So both Madison Ivy and Dylan Riley have been talking up shooting their first anal scenes, so i was thinking . . .

    How hot would it be to have them shoot their first anal scene together. I'm thinking MMFF so that they don't have to share and the scenario could be fairly honest to the current circumstances. It could be a PLIB scene and be all about 2 pornstars looking to film their first anal but they want to practice off camera with 2 industry guys, only we get to see it because it won't be the actual practice but the filmed version.

    plus, madison did post this in Dylan's thread:

    Hey there sexy bitch! I miss seeing your face, they really need to book us in a scene together. I'll bring a blunt and we can get nice and toasty before the we munch down on each others dirty little fuck hole!
    Love yeah baby, Madison I.
    Your Cum Eating Whore,
    Madison Ivy

    wouldn't mind watching em "get stoned" first whether its real or not I think there is something pretty hot about 2 girls getting high and taking it in the ass.

    Weigh in.
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    I wouldn't mind seeing them together, but I'd also like to see them both do a solo anal scene as well. The order in which they're produced is fine with me either way, as long as these scenes get made.

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